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Policies and Procedures 

Updated : Wednesday, August 17, 2022 4:55 PM

Leaving the Room Policy 22-23

Exempt Students: None

Special Conditions

Substitutes - Leave the Room Policy is NOT in effect when I have a substitute. Ask permission from the substitute to leave the room. Restroom or water, ASK permission from the substitute.


verbal permission - You asking me to do something using words and I reply.

Leaving the room for Water or Restroom

1. We use the lobby restroom and water fountain only. You do not need verbal permission to use the restroom or get water, all you need is eye contact by the door. I will acknowledge (verbally or non-verbally) and you will leave.

2. You will NOT get water or go to the restroom while I am addressing the class.

3. You will not leave in groups, you will leave individually.

4. You will NOT stop and talk to students in the lobby. You will not go to other parts of the building.

5. You will NOT coordinate leaving the room for restroom or water to meet with another student.

6. Leaving before class starts to get a drink or use the restroom and returning after the bell AND I have started class will result in you being counted tardy.

Leaving the room to Work in the Lobby

1. Sometimes an individual student or a group of students may ask to work in the Lobby.

2. If you are working in the lobby, you should not be interacting with any student or students from a different class.

3. Do not leave the first floor STEM building.


Water or Restroom Description 4 violation - 2 weeks being grounded. Each additional violation the time is doubled. 2 weeks, 4 weeks, 8 weeks, etc.

Water or Restroom Description 5 violation - Grounded 4 weeks.

Work in Lobby Description 2 and 3 violation - Group or individual is grounded for two weeks.

Grounded - You can not leave the room unless you pay me back 2 minutes for every minute you are gone. Payback will be during enrichment.

Daily Sequence

1. Enter and follow the food and drink policy.
2. Log on the workstation.
3. Log on and save the receipt. If you get a server error, save the error as the date.
4. Go to the schedule. There may be special instructions.
5. This is when you can leave your station to visit with another student.
6. At the bell, immediately head to your station. Failure could be a classroom tardy.


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