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Policies and Procedures 

Updated : Wednesday, August 17, 2022 4:55 PM

Late Work and Absence Policy 22-23

Exempt Students : NONE

Late Work Policy

In this class, midnight Monday means Monday at 11:59 PM.

Every assignment has a due date. An assignment is not OFFICIALLY late until the grade goes in the gradebook. Submitting after the due date doen't necessiarly mean it will be counted late. It all depends on when I put the grade in the gradebook. It is guarenteed to be counted as on-time if submitted before the due date.

Here is an example:

An assignment is due midnight Tuesday. Assignments are submitted on Wednesday and Thursday. Friday morning I grade and enter the grades in the gradebook. Any assignment that comes in after I put the grades in Skyward will lose at least 50% (half credit at best). Wednesday's and Thursday's submissions were not counted late.

Assignments not completed will receive no credit.

Absence Policy

Failure to submit the assignment will result in the assignment being counted late. Assignments due at midnight always get an automatic extension to the first period bell the next day. I never grade after midnight! I could grade it first thing in the morning.

If not made up within the required time, it will result in the assignment being counted late if the grade is entered in the gradebook. The late policy would apply.

The student is responsible to find out what was missed. Always check the web site or ask the instructor. Try to complete the assignment before returning. Check the schedule or archive for what was missed.

Failure to ask for assignments when absent and NOT completing the assignment within the required time because “you did not know” will result in the assignment being counted late if the grade is in the gradebook.

Work assigned during an absence must be made up within the number of days absent plus 2. If an assignment is assigned on a day a student is present and due on a day the student is absence, the assignment is due the first day the student returns.


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