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Policies and Procedures 

Updated : Wednesday, August 17, 2022 4:55 PM

Game Policy

Exempt Students

Hawk and Toad 1 - if all work is completed, currently have an A in Skyward, send an email to larryk with subject : Games <name>. Start playing, you don't need to ask. Failure to send the email will result in losing this privilege for 10 days.

Policy Description

Locally executed games will NOT be played in S106.
Locally executed means games that are installed on the computer or a flash/thumb drive. It is a game that is on the computer or a device connected to the computer.
Online games will NOT be played in S106 with the possible exception of the hawk and toads if certain conditions are met.


1st violation - Warning

2nd and above - The student will attend enrichment the next day or first available day. This doesn't mean you will spend the entire enrichment in class.

Failure to attend an Enrichment - two Enrichments are assigned. Failure to attend both Enrichments will become an administrative matter with the recommendation of a 1 hour detention with me. The administrator my choose to follow my recomendation or choose their own consequence.

Daily Sequence

1. Enter and follow the food and drink policy.
2. Log on the workstation.
3. Log on and save the receipt. If you get a server error, save the error as the date.
4. Go to the schedule. There may be special instructions.
5. This is when you can leave your station to visit with another student.
6. At the bell, immediately head to your station. Failure could be a classroom tardy.

The following are NOT games - they are life!!!

Students my enjoy the following if all work assigned and due by midnight is complete.


Questions : All Stations






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