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Policies and Procedures 

Updated : Tuesday, August 16, 2022 9:16 AM

Music and cell phone policies

Headphone means anything in or on your ears that are used to listen to music.

Headphones are permitted in class during work time. Headphones may be connected to the computer or phones during work time.

Headphones or other type of listening devices can NOT be shared. Sharing is a violation for both students.

Cell phones can not be accessed, handled, or touched from the bell starting class to announced work time.

Testing and some assignments that have special procedures concerning music. When some tests are taken, you are allowed to plug in to any device and listen to music.

Headphone or listening device are not allowed on the head or in the ears at the start of class. It doesn't matter if the device if off or not. Any student with ear plugs in or headphones over the ears is a violation.

Accessing a cell phone during the start of class when I am talking or instructing is a violation. Using the cellphone for games or videos is a violation unless 100% done with required work.

The typical procedure for music during a test

Before starting the test, setup the play list and volume. Start the music and turn the cell phone face down.
During tests, only one browser and one tab is allowed open. You will not be allowed to play music from a play list that is online.

If the cellphone is touched during the test, I will take the cellphone and give it back when the test is over. This is NOT a violation the the Music Headphone policy.


1st and 2nd violation - Phone and or headphones/earbuds will be placed on my desk. May be picked up at the end of the period.

3rd and 4th - Place on desk and pick up after school.

5+ - I keep until I get a call from a parent.

Daily Sequence

1. Enter and follow the food and drink policy.
2. Place backpacks in correct location depending upon where you sit.
3. Log on the workstation.
4. Log on and save the receipt. If you get a server error, save the error as the date.
5. Go to the schedule. There may be special instructions.
6. This is when you can leave your station to visit with another student.
7. At the bell, immediately head to your station. Failure could be a classroom tardy.

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