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Basic Terminology

EOC - all

End Of Class

The submission should occur by the end of the period. If the submission can not be completed by the end of the period an extension can be requested. The only extension allowed will be completing the submission before I leave for the day. This means coming back to my room during a period later in the day or staying after school to finish. An extension must be requested by the student. Not all assignments with an EOC will get extensions. It depends on the assignment.

SOC - all

Start Of Class - The assignment is due prior to the bell starting class. Assignments completed after this time will be counted as late.


Visual Studio Console Application

Rep - PL1 and PL2 console application


Visual Studio Windows Form Application

IDOC - PL1 and PL2

Internal Documentation

First three lines in each file you edit will contain

First and last name
Brief Description of the program
Date the program was started

EBC - PL2 and PL2

End Brace Comment - Every end brace must be commented in Console Applications

Minimize - all

Minimize all open programs so only the WCS logo apears on the computer screen.

Coding I or PL1

Programming and Logic I (PL1) was renamed Coding I.

Coding II or PL2 or INFS 2600

Programming and Logic II (PL2) was renamed Coding II. It became a Dual Enrollment with MTSU which corresponds to INFS 2600.

Due midnight - all

Due midnight Tuesday mean it is due at 11:59 Tueday night. Due midnight tonight means due at 11:59 that day. The assignment is required to be submitted by midnight. Their is an automatic extension if a student want one. The extension is before the bell rings to start first period the next day. If an assignment is due midnight Wednesday and for some reason it can not be submitted the student is automatically given an extension to Thursday until the bell rings to start first period. If the assignment is not completed by this time it will be considered late.

Local Computer - all

Computer station being used.


Types of Submission Forms - all

1. Forms I create are web pages on that are assignments which are completed and submitted by clicking the Done or Submit button. After clicking the done button a submission results page will appear which shows what is being sent.


























2. EV forms are questions created using Examview software. You will not see what was submitted. Usually you will a score.












Submission Results or Receipt - all

There are two types of submission result pages in this class. One type is the page that appears after clicking the done or submit button on a web page submission form. The other type is the results of an ExamView Assignment, Quiz, or Test. These should always be saved. I call these your "receipts".


Answer these questions.

Terminology Questions



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