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Policies and Procedures 

Updated : Sunday, August 12, 2018 5:00 PM

Leaving the Room Policy

Violations : Submit the Leave the Room Violation Submission in class.

Exempt Students: Hawk - Don't need a pass.


Policy Description:

Students leaving the room must have a pass. This class has two types of passes - written on paper and large floppy disks. Floppy disk passes must be worn around the neck. Failure to take a pass when leaving the room is a violation.

The classroom passes are located by both doors.














Leaving the room to get a drink without a pass will NOT be a violation if the fountain is used by the library door.

Restrooms are found all around the building. We will use the one closest to my room. Failure to use the closest restroom will result in a violation. A pass is NOT required when using the restrooms closest to the 4 way stop.

When getting a drink of water or using the restroom, never add additional stops or places on the trip. A pass to the restroom is a pass to the restroom. It is not a pass to the restroom and stopping by your locker. Any unscheduled stops is a violation.


1st - Warning.

2nd - The student will write their name on the front left board. When the name is removed from the board will depend upon the period the student is in. The only person who can erase the name is the student who who has their name on the board.

3rd Period - erase the name off the board during enrichment.
4th Period - Erase after class and stay 5 minutes.
6th and 7th - The name can be erased after school or during enrichment the next day they are in school.
8th - The student can stay 5 minutes or erase the name during enrichment the next day they are in school.

3rd and above - The student will be assigned an enrichment the next day or first available day.

Additional Related Information :

Any student purposefully misleading the teacher/substitute of their destination could end up grounded. Grounded students are NOT allowed to leave unless they have a pass from a teacher.

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