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Archive Coding II / INFS 2600




Friday 12/7

Study Guides

Chapter 1
Chapter 2

Chapter 3
Chapter 4
Chapter 5
Chapter 6


Question Issues - Submit if you have any.

Thursday 12/6

DrunkMan 1 - Working. Submit a working program by the end of class. Finished with pt 1: Bac, Lei, McG, Moh, Pla, Sku, Tra
DrunkMan 2 - Prompt for the size of the city, place the drunk in the middle. Due midnight tonight
DrunkMan 3 -Keep track of where the drunk moves. Due end of class Friday.

Wednesday 12/4

DrunkMan 1 - You need your book. Chapter 7 Arrays. Submit what you have at the end of class.

Tuesday 12/4

Shenzhen: The Silicon Valley of Hardware

Monday 12/3

Fraction Class Final Exam Type Questions

Loop1203 - due midnight tonight
Loop1203 Mod 1 - due midnight tonight


Friday 11/30

Chapter 5 EV test.

Odd Stations : Version 1   |   Version 2

Even Stations : Version 1   |   Version 2

Thursday 11/29

Study Guide

Wednesday 11/28

Chapter 5 Questions 260 On

TF - due midnight tonight
MC - due midnight tonight
Other - due midnight tonight

Tuesday 11/27

Loops - Basic for loops

Prog108a1 - due EOC
Prog108a1 Modification 1 - due EOC
Prog108a1 Modification 2 - due EOC

Prog115a - due EOC
Prog115a Modification 1 - due midnight tonight
Prog115a Modification 2 - due midnight tonight

Chapter 5 Questions to pg 260

TF - due midnight tonight
MC - due midnight tonight

Monday 11/26




















Finish the tournament


Monday 11/19


Tuesday 11/20


Wednesday 11/21


Thursday 11/22


Friday 11/23



Friday 11/16

























Thursday 11/15

Klassen - owen Enrich

Submit your main program at the end of the period.

I am going to ask you to start the program where you enter first, then when the computer enters first.

Grade Person vs Computer and Computer vs Computer

Works both ways - 50, Works one way 37
Compiles and runs, doesn't work -30
Doesn't run - 25

Wednesday 11/14

Submit your main program at the end of the period.

Grade Computer vs Person

Works - 50
Compiles and runs, doesn't work -30
Doesn't run - 25

Tuesday 11/13

Klassen - owen Enrich

Submit your main program at the end of the period.

Grade player vs player in class.

Works for x, o, and cat. - 100
Doesn't work - 50
Doesn't run - 25

Monday 11/12

Grade player vs player in class.

Works for x, o, and cat. - 100
Doesn't work correctly but runs- 50
Doesn't run - 25



Friday 11/9

Result (Java) 3rd: NONE
Results (c#) 4th: Moh (8 statements), Man (16 statements), Bac (19 statements).
Results (c++) 6th: Mrk (2 statements)
Result (Java) 8th: NONE

Force a good move

Check you program for x winning, o winning, and a cat game. On Monday I will randomly select individuals to test the program

Thursday 11/8

Main v2 - due Today

Wednesday 11/7

Check grades - submit missing as late unless you have receipts.

Anything in by midnight will get full credit, half credit on thursday.

Tuesday 11/6

NO School

Monday 11/5

All methods and Main v1 due midnight tonight. Bac, Sku, Lei, Ree help those who need it. Half credit at best after today.


Friday 11-2

OutputBoardLocations() - outputs a board with the square numbers (index).

Main v1

Thursday 11-1

Lab Time

Wednesday 10-31

Board Class Methods due midnight Thursday. Half credit after that.


Tuesday 10-30 ACT testing

The Dark Side of AI? Day 2 Reflection (about 40 minutes)

Monday 10-29

Tic Tac Toe - Board Class using the Square Class


Friday 10-26

Writing Properties for Fraction, Square, and Point

Square Class - due EOC
Fraction - due EOC
Point - due midnight sunday

Thursday 10-25

The Dark Side of AI? Day 1 Notes and video Notes submission due EOC.

Wednesday 10-24


Tuesday 10-23

Fraction class submission
String Lab 1 - due Thursday start of class
String Class Methods
String Class Examples

Monday 10-22

String Class Methods
String Class Examples
Math operations using the Fraction Class. Submit Tuesday in class.


Wednesday 10-17

Fall Break

Thursday 10-18

Fall Break

Friday 10-19

Fall Break

Tuesday 10-16 END 1ST 9 WEEKS

Max Klassen  



Fraction Class Main Method test - due EOC

Square Class Main Method test - due EOC

Monday 10-15

Multiply Method - Helper method.

Add and Subtract Fractions - EOC Tuesday.
Reciprocal Method - Returns the reciprocal as a Fraction. due EOC Tuesday.
Divide Method - Returns the quotient as a Fraction. Due EOC Tuesday.


Max Klassen  




Friday 10-12

All 3 Classes due at the start of class
4 Additional Point Methods due midnight Sunday.
Additional Fraction Methods due midnight Sunday.

Thursday 10-11

Max Klassen  




Humans, Gods and Technology
Square Class Check - due EOC Friday

Wednesday 10-10 PSAT TESTING

Tuesday 10-9

Point Class Check with My Main - due EOC
Fraction Class Check with My Main - due midnight Wednesday

Monday 10-8

Point Class
Fraction Class
Square Class


Friday 10-5


Thursday 10-4

Widget2 with Compiler Sample Quiz

Wednesday 10-3

Chapter 4 pgs 192-209 Completion - due midnight Thursday
Square Class - due midnight Thursday

Tuesday 10-2

Chapter 4 pgs 192-209 Multiple Choice - due midnight Wednesday
Widget Class - due midnight Tuesday

Monday 10-1

Point class submission - due EOC
If statement review PPT
Point Method - due midnight tonight.
Chapter 4 pgs192-209 True/False - due midnight Tuesday
Fraction Class - due midnight Tuesday


Friday 9-28

Point Class and Objects.

Thursday 9-27

Ch 3 Compiler Question

Odd Stations | Even Stations

Wednesday 9-26

Max K - Enrich with Hood
Ch 3 EV Test

Odd 1 | Odd 2 | Even 1 | Even 2

Tuesday 9-25

Sample Compiler Question - statistics due EOC if you didn't do it yesterday.
Sample Compiler Question - due EOC
Study Guides

True/False - study guide
Multiple Choice - study guide
Completion - study guide
Reading - study guide

Monday 9-24

Chapter 3 Text Questions - due midnight tonight

Multiple Choice
Completion - study guide
Reading - study guide

Sample Compiler Question - statistics



Driver Programs and Methods - all due midnight Sunday

Requirements given in class.

Distance Between Two 2D Points.
Midpoint between two 2D Points
Distance Between Two 3D Points
Midpoint between two 3D Points.
Area of a Triangle when given 3 points.


Traywick - owen (enrich)
Example 0920 - due upon completion
Pg 157 on text questions


Partially Filled Sphere Program - submit at the end of class (finished or not). Finish at home if necessary - half credit after midnight.


Submit Grade Issues
Spot Programs


Open Lab and Grading Day


Friday 9-14 Substitute

Lab Time

Thursday 9-13 Substitute

It is an online application… Here is the link.

The student can read the rules and procedures that are listed but to start the application they will click on “Online Application”.  Then on next page there is more reading but at bottom of screen, they can choose between “Click to Register” and “Sign In”. 

-Click on “Create a Log In” if have never applied for grant OR “Log in” if returning student

-Fill in all of the fields and click on “Create My Account” -Once you have created the account, click on “Apply for Scholarships” in the top left of the homepage/dashboard (the page that says "Hello, ____" along with other information)

-Select the 2018-2019 Dual Enrollment Grant application from the list, and fill it out

If a student has any questions or has issues with the grant application, they can contact our office. 

Mona Snell

Advisor/Dual Enrollment
Middle Tennessee State University | University College
1301 E. Main Street, Box #54, Murfreesboro, TN 37132
Office: (615) 898-5251

Wednesday 9-12

Example 0912

Programming Exercises Labs 189 - LABS - due midnight Sunday

1. School Information pt 1.
1. School Information pt 2.
2. Message Display
3. Area and Perimeter
4. Time
5. Temperature
6. Distance
7. Tips
8. Take Home Pay
9. Commission

Tuesday 9-11

Klassen - Enrichment B-12 Hood

Chapter 3 pg 141-156 SS: Calling Class Methods
Lecture Demo due upon completion.
pg 141-156 reading questions - due midnight tonight

Monday 9-10

Chapter 3 pg 132-140 SS : Anatomy of a Method.
Lecture Demo due upon completion.
Lecture and Reading Questions - due EOC
pg 132-140 reading questions-due midnight tonight


Friday 9-7

Special Day : Hawk and toad contests

Thursday 9-6

Exam 2


Cell phones face-down under the monitor.
No music.
Only 1 tab open.
May use scrap paper or windows calculator if necessary. Paper must be out before starting the exam.
No questions about the questions - should have ask yesterday.
My submit each ONE time only.
Do not open the study guide at any time once the testing starts.
Dual Enrollment student are under the MTSU Academic Honesty Policy.

Even Stations 1 | Even Stations 2
Odd Stations 1 | Odd Stations 2

Wednesday 9-5

Study Guides

Multiple Choice
Short Answer
True False

Tuesday 9-4

Absent login and Grade Issues.

Complete work due Monday midnight - 1 day late.
LAB comments and questions.
Sample paper test question

Building chapter 3 Activities and Labs

Monday 9-3

No School




Friday 8-31

Exercises in textbook

Reading Question pages 91-103 - due midnight Monday : Since study guides are released, best is half credit of this assignment
Exercises pg 121 - due Midnight Monday : Since study guides are released, best is half credit of this assignment
Page 125 Question 16 - due Midnight Monday
Page 125 Question 18 - due Midnight Monday

Labs submitted during class today and marked as late will lose 1 pt, 2 pts if not marked correctly before deductions.
Any labs not turned by midnight tonight will get at most half credit

Thursday 8-30

Lab Time - all programs due midnight tonight

Wednesday 8-29

Lect PPT 109+
Order of Operations - due midnight tonight

Lab time

Labs page 127 - all due midnight Thursday

1. Miles to Feet
2. Miles to Kilometers
3. Temperature
4. Retail Price
5. Take-home Pay
6. Exam Scores
7. Change
8. Weighted Average
9. Fund Raiser

10. FilePath 2

Tuesday 8-28

read 76-109
Lect and PPT
Reading questions 76-91 due midnight tonight

Monday 8-27

Read to 76

Chapter 2 Lect and PPT : Counting and converting binary.
Converting decimal to binary (future program) on paper.

Counting and converting binary questions - due midnight tonight.
Reading question to 76 due midnight tonight


Friday 8-24

Quiz over reading questions.

Paper Code Quiz Question - Do this first
Odd Station 1 | Odd Station 2
Even Station 1 | Even Station 2

Thursday 8-23

1. Grade Issues
2. Sample Paper Code Quiz Question
3. Reading Questions study guide - Posted in class today (No questions about the questions on test day)
4. File Path Program - due midnight tonight

Wednesday 8-22

How the sample code quiz will be graded.
Page 38 Exercises - NEED Book due midnight tonight ***#8 and #10 are graded incorrectly. I corrected the grade when entering in the gradebook.
Read pages 38-52
Reading Questions pgs 38-52 due midnight tonight
Programming exercises - pg 61 (posted yesterday)

question 3 - due midnight tonight Tonight if not submitted yesterday.
question 6 - due midnight tonight Tonight if not submitted yesterday.
question 8 - due midnight tonight Tonight if not submitted yesterday.

Tuesday 8-21

First Few C# programs - submit when instructed.

1. Hello World Program - may be auto-generated when opening the compiler. Add the requirements covered in class. Run and submit this form when instructed.
2. Write a program using the project name of Schedule. Requirements and submission for here.

Programming exercises - pg 61

question 3 - due midnight tonight Wednesday
question 6 - due midnight tonight Wednesday
question 8 - due midnight tonight Wednesday

Result will be emailed back after enrichment today. Do not submit during class.

Monday 8-20

Open your compiler and open the email and show me your send items email of the compiler at home.

Chapter 1 Testing Material.

Chapter 1 SS complete
Chapter 1 SS classroom

Read pages 1-37.
Reading Questions pgs 1-37 due midnight tonight

Multiple Choice



Monday 8-13

Personal Inventory Pt 1 due EOC
Personal Invenbtory Pt 2 due EOC

Study Guide - Safety

PNP questions due midnight tonight. Bottom left - ONLY ONE submission each.

Food and Drink
Music Cell phone
Leaving the Room
Late Work/Absence
Academic Honesty
Hawk/Toad Description

Tuesday 8-14

1. Check Grades
2. (Optional) Safety Test 1 - ODD stations | EVEN stations - Only ONE submission allowed.
3. Required software - c# Compiler. Downloading and installing. Testing with Hello World.

HOMEWORK : Required software at home - c# compilier. Email larryk screen shot showing the installed compiler and a hello world program.

Slideshow PNP - ppt | pptx (over PNP - will not go over in class)

Wednesday 8-15

1. Check Grades - AUP Forms

These need to see me about getting access to grades : Ka, Le, Ly, Ma, Pl, Sk, Wi

2. Safety Study Guide - Study 10 minutes

3. Safety Test 2 - ODD stations | EVEN stations (hawk)

4. PNP Study Guide - all questions

PNP Short Test (20 q) (hawk) - Optional

Odd Stations | Even Stations

Thursday 8-16

Archive for previous days.

Check Grades - before testing AND after testing NOT during!

Pick up a Textbook and submit this form.

PNP Long test - Odd stations | Even stations
Safety Test 3 - Odd stations | Even stations

Software Development Exercise - due midnight tonight

Friday 8-17

MTSU will be here.

Safety Study Guide
PNP Study Guide - all questions

IF time permits - Only ONE tab can be open

PNP Long test - Odd stations | Even stations
(3) Safety Test 3 - Odd stations | Even stations

Enjoy life when done.

















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