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Coding I Archive






Friday 11/9

Result (Java) 3rd: NONE
Results (c#) 4th: Moh (8 statements), Man (16 statements), Bac (19 statements).
Results (c++) 6th: Mrk (2 statements)
Result (Java) 8th: NONE

Lab Time

Thursday 11/8

for loops

Ex1108for1 - due upon completion

Prog1105Concert - due EOC Today

Prog108a1 - due Sunday midnight
Prog108a2 - due Sunday midnight
Prog115a - due Sunday midnight
Prog115b - due Sunday midnight
Prog122c - due Sunday midnight
Prog122d - due Sunday midnight

Wednesday 11/7

Sub Report
Check gradebook - makeup missing and redo for full.
Prog1105Concert - due midnight Thursday

Tuesday 11/6

No School Students.

Monday 11/5

Check email for programs graded yesterday - MOST missed creating CONSTANTS. Constants are all UPPER CASE and you use the word final.
Example:    final double MONEY = 1.55 ;

Prog1105Concert - due EOC Wednesday


Friday 11-2

Content Questions

Odd Stations
Even Stations

Thursday 11-1

Lab Time

Wednesday 10-31

1031 Lecture - due midnight Thursday.
1031 Discount - due midnight Thursd

Tuesday 10-30 ACT testing

Prog82a AJ Foyt - due midnight Wednesday

Monday 10-29

Read the reflections of other students.

Example1029 - due upon completion

Prog1029a Muliples and Odd/Even - due Midnight tonight
Prog1029b Bus, Vans, and Cars Field Trip. - due Midnight Tuesday


Friday 10-26

The Dark Side of AI? Day 2 Reflection (about 33 minutes)

Thursday 10-25

The Dark Side of AI? Day 1 Notes and video Notes submission due EOC.

Wednesday 10-24

Lab time

Tuesday 10-23

Math Opereators including Modulus PPT
Prog1023b - due midnight Thursday
Prog1023b2 - due midnight Tuesday

Monday 10-22

Grade Issues
Seating : Hawks/Toads
Start a new Project named Chapter03 and copy Keyboard into the project.
If statement ppt
Prog1023a - due EOC Tuesday


Tuesday 10-16 END 1ST 9 WEEKS


Even 1 | Even 2
Odd 1 | Odd 2

8th Period Tests

Even 1 | Even 2
Odd 1 | Odd 2

Monday 10-15


Even 1 | Even 2
Odd 1 | Odd 2

8th Period Tests

Even 1 | Even 2
Odd 1 | Odd 2


Friday 10-12

Study Guide all questions - 50 will be randomly selected for each version of the test.

Questions about the questions

Thursday 10-11

Humans, Gods and Technology

Wednesday 10-10 PSAT TESTING

Coding Style and Conventions - ppt

Tuesday 10-9

Study Guides - submit Questions you want me to go over. We will not have the test Thursday. Examview questions will be on Friday. Code part on Monday. Tuesday will be makeups.

sample code test question - First three students done - walk around and help others.

Monday 10-8

Study Guides



Friday 10-5


Thursday 10-4

Lab Time

6th period we will pull juniors, 7th period we will pull sophomores, and 8th we will pull freshmen

Wednesday 10-3

Work on programs
Ch 2 1003 questions - due midnight Thursday.
MC Chapter 2 Questions from Textbook - due midnight Thursday.

Tuesday 10-2

Paycheck calculator - due midnight Wednesday

Monday 10-1

Example1001 - Formatting Decimals, Percents, Currency     Section 2.10 pg 93
Modify 6 Old Programs - all due midnight Tuesday.
Prog1001-Money1 - due midnight Tuesday.


Friday 9-28

Random Class Questions

odd stations | even stations

Prog210Heron - Modification with Random Numbers.

Thursday 9-27

Random PPT
Example0927 Random Numbers
Modifications due midnight Sunday

Prog208MOD - Modification with Random Numbers.

Wednesday 9-26

Quadratic Equation - due midnight tonight

Tuesday 9-25

Volume of a right circular cone - due midnight tonight.
Pythagorean Theorem - due midnight tonight.

Monday 9-24

Prog208 Distance due midnight tonight.
Prog210Heron - due midnight tonight.


Friday 9-21

Basic class setup quiz - Area of a Circle

Example0921MathClass - submit upon completion.

Prog209 - Sphere you may have this done - it was assigned last week but came in as 2.6 Time - resubmit after making sure you used the Math class. You will need to use Math.pow and Math.PI

Volume of a square pyramid - due midnight Sunday

Thursday 9-20

Basic Class Setup Quiz - submit upon completion

Example0920 - due upon completion

Trapezoid Area due midnight tonight

Wednesday 9-19

Submit grades issues - ONE grade issue per submission.
3D Printing notes and reflection
Can multi-task if you are working on programs.

Tuesday 9-18

Current Issues in Technology : 3D Printing - submit at the end of class.

Monday 9-17

Open Grading and Lab Day


Friday 9-14 SUB

Lab Time
Following programs are due midnight Sunday

Thursday 9-13 SUB

Lab Time
Copy and pasting a previous class to start a new class will get zero credit!


Wednesday 9-12

Read Section 2.5
Section 2.5 and Keyboard Class Example0912

Following programs are due midnight Sunday

Prog202 - Average
Prog203 - Floating Point
Prog205 - Distance
Prog206 - Time
Prog209 - Sphere







Tuesday 9-11

Read Sections 2.3 and 2.4
Hello World Practice quiz
Ch 1 sections 2.3 and 2.4
Calculations with Constants. Submit example0911 - due in class

Due Midnight Thursday

2-3 Reading Questions

Program 5 - Convert miles to feet
Program 6 - Convert hours to minutes
Program 7 - Geometry
Prog01 Rectangle- Output area and perimeter of a rectangle
Prog54a - Kansas City Grand Prix


Monday 9-10

Read sections 2.0-2.2
Start a new project in BlueJ named : Chapter02

All due midnight Tuesday

2.0 to 2.2 PPT lecture.
PPT questions
2.1 Reading questions
2.2 reading questions
Countdown program - Demonstrates the difference between print and println.
Facts program - Demonstrates the use of the string concatenation operator and the automatic conversion of an integer to a string.
Addition program - Demonstrates the difference between the addition and string concatenation operators.
Roses program - Demonstrates the use of escape sequences.



Friday 9-7

Need to resubmit or finish My Schedule from : Hajizadeh, sharp, Grisham
Need to resubmit or finish Bell Schedule from : Link, Sharp
Need to resubmit or finish Funny Man from : Fuller, lemmon, sharp, yemane, grisham, kennedyO, Shirani
Need to resubmit or finish File Path from : Daniels, fuller, kennedyA, lemmon, link, sharp, yemane, Abu-Salim, Aceveda, Grisham, kennedyO, shirani

Thursday 9-6

1. Login and follow directions
2. Check your email! I replied to many of you. Resubmit programs if necessary.
3. Read this - More escape sequences
4. Program 3 - Funny Man
5. Program 4 - File Path

Wednesday 9-5

Submit yesterday's code.
Copy and Pasting Warning
Escape Sequences and output. Submit Example0905
Output Programs
Program 1 - Regular Bell Schedule - due EOC
Program 2 - Your Schedule try to submit before leaving.

Tuesday 9-4

How to do Grade Issues and absent logins
1. Textbooks - classroom set in the back of the room.
2. Ch1 sections 1.3 and 1.4
3. BlueJ console application - Hello World Quiz Friday
Hello World Questions - due midnight tonight
Facebook graphics

Monday 9-3

No School


Friday 8-31

Exam 1

Graphics, Converting, Counting, Language and History

Odd Station 1 | Odd Station 2
Even Station 1 | Even Station 2
8th Period Tests
Test 1 | Test 2

Facebook pic submission - due EOC Friday Need from 3rd Dan, Grig, Lin, Yem; 8th Abu, Ken
Airplane polygon submission - due EOC Friday Need from 3rd Dan, Haj, Ken, Lin, Luk, Sha, Yem

Thursday 8-30

Continue working on graphics

Polygon Example -
Facebook pic submission - due EOC Friday
Airplane polygon submission - due EOC Friday

Review - LOOK for errors

Graphic Questions Study Guide
Converting, Counting, Language and History Study Guide
Hello World Study Guide

Wednesday 8-29

Polygon example in class - submit when finished
Polygons - Draw two different airplanes using at least two polygons per airplane. Due Friday by the end of class

Tuesday 8-28

Graphic questions ppt
Graphic Questions due EOC
Work on Graphics

Monday 8-27

NOTE Graphics and Color class links on the left.
Graphics Assignment 1 - Snowman due EOC - NEW requirement for those that have NOT submitted.
BlueJ graphics - Make my new Facebook profile pic.

How to change the Font.
How to use RGB color codes.


Friday 8-24

Graphics Assignment 1 - Snowman
BlueJ graphics - Make my new Facebook profile pic.
How to change the Font.
How to use RGB color codes.

Thursday 8-23

1. Open BlueJ
2. Graphic Basics
3. Java graphics with Bluej - Submit classroom example

Color Class
Graphics Class

3. Graphics Assignment 1 - Snowman (Due friday EOC)

Wednesday 8-22

You need paper and something to write with.
Binary Lecture - After logging in to, log off the workstation.
Counting in Binary
Counting questions - due midnight tonight
Converting binary to decimal.
Converting questions - due midnight tonight

You may use the slideshow to answer these questions - 3rd : che, Dan, Ful, haj, ken, lem, kuk, yem 8th : Abu, gor, ly UPDATED

Tuesday 8-21

Open Powerpoints - Finish and show me.
Powerpoint Questions Languages and History - Hello World.

Binary Numbers - view SS
If the slideshow makes sense, you might try tomorrows questions. Answer the questions with one tab open.

Monday 8-20

Hawk/Toad Seating

Textbook - Check resource page (left).

Computer Programming Languages "Hello World" Programs.

Save this powerpoint to My Documents.   (ppt format)
Instructions in class. Due start of class Tuesday. You will open them at the start of class and show me they are complete.


Monday 8-13

Personal Inventory pt 1 due EOC.
Personal Inventory pt 2 due EO

Tuesday 8-14

Slideshow PNP - ppt | pptx

PNP - all due midnight tonight.

Food and Drink
Music Cell phone
Leaving the Room
Late Work/Absence
Academic Honesty
Hawk/Toad Description

Wednesday 8-15

1. Check Grades - AUP Forms
2. Safety Study Guide - Study 10 minutes
3. Safety Test 2 - ODD stations | EVEN stations
4. PNP Study Guide - all questions
5. PNP short test.

Thursday 8-16


1. Study for Safety Test and PNP Study Guide - all questions 10 minutes
2. Safety Test 3 - ODD Stations | Even Stations (hawk) May take ODD once and EVEN once.
3. PNP Test - ODD Stations | Even Stations (hawk) May take ODD once and EVEN once.

Friday 8-17

Study Guides

PNP Study Guide - all questions
Safety Study Guide

Safety Test 4 - ODD stations | Even stations
PNP Test - ODD Stations| Even Stations

Enjoy Life - go to the game!!!!












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