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Thursday 11/15

Today's Submission Form

Yesterday missing

(10)Did not submit form at the end of the period: Group 8
(5)Did not see me after submitting the form with all Yes answers: Groups 5, 1, 3, 2
(5)Battery recharging
(5)Apps on phone
(5)Inventory turned in

Wednesday 11/14

Today's Submission Form

Tuesday 11/13

Inventory and Setup

Monday 11/12

Inventory and groups


Friday 11/9

Result (Java) 3rd: NONE
Results (c#) 4th: Moh (8 statements), Man (16 statements), Bac (19 statements).
Results (c++) 6th: Mrk (2 statements)
Result (Java) 8th: NONE

Content Test

ODD stations - Version 1 | Version 2
EVEN stations - Version 1 | Version 2

Thursday 11/8

Study Guide - look over questions.
Take the study guide like a test. Submit your score. Your grade is based on if you submit and not WHAT the grade is. You should NOT get a lower score tomorrow!
Submit Study Guide Score

Wednesday 11/7

Sub Report
Area of an ellipse and trapezoid with a menu - Finish by midnight

Tuesday 11/6

No students

Monday 11/5

Area of an ellipse and trapezoid with a menu - SUBMIT what you have done at the end of the period! Everyone will submit even if not finished.
Everyone sit in assigned seats.


Friday 11-2

Content Questions

Odd Stations | Even Stations

Thursday 11-1


Missing Prog1029odd - Odd stations - Ham, Huf, Mir, Mor, Zhe

Missing Prog1029even - Even stations - Mea, Mir, Mor

Missing Prog88a - Dre, Ham, Hof, Hud, Huf, Mak, Mea, Mir, Mor, Zhe

Missing Prog1023 - Mir, Mor, Nic, Zhe

Wednesday 10-31

Comparison Program Modifications with Requirements. (graded)

Prog1029odd - Odd stations - due midnight Thursday
Prog1029even - Even stations - due midnight Thursday

Prog88a - due thursday midnight

Tuesday 10-30 ACT testing

Reflections - read other students thoughts

Example 1030 - due upon completion.

Monday 10-29

Comparison Program



Friday 10-26

The Dark Side of AI? Day 2 Reflection (about 33 minutes)

Thursday 10-25

The Dark Side of AI? Day 1 Notes and video Notes submission due EOC.

Wednesday 10-24

View EXE programs

Tuesday 10-23

Submit multiple choice program with responses - due midnight Tonight
Prog1023 - due midnight Wednesday

Monday 10-22

Ex1022 - due upon completion.
Modify or rewrite this program:
Submit multiple choice program with responses - due midnight Tuesday


Wednesday 10-17

Fall Break

Thursday 10-18

Fall Break

Friday 10-19

Fall Break


Tuesday 10-16 END 1ST 9 WEEKS

Surface Area of a cylinder - due EOC

Monday 10-15

Seconds to minutes and Hours - due EOC

Days to Weeks and Years - due EOC



Friday 10-12

Inches to feet and yards - due EOC finished or not.
Miles to feet and inches - due EOC finished or not.

Thursday 10-11

Humans, Gods and Technology

Wednesday 10-10 PSAT TESTING

Style and Conventions - ppt

Tuesday 10-9

Everyone should be in their assigned seats.
Check grades from yesterday. If you received a score less than 9, you can correct and resubmit as late. Late take of 1 so it will not do any good to resubmit a 9/10 score.
Sully and Wee J - help students when you finish.

Missing Rectangle 1 - Ham, Mea, Nick, Mir
Missing Rectangle 2 - Hamm, Mea, Nick, Dren, Mir, Morr,Zhe, Zho

Prog58a PI ala mode - due midnight tonight

Monday 10-8

Input in c++ - submit Example 1008
Rectangle 1 - due EOC
Rectangle 2 - due midnight tonight


Friday 10-6

Slideshows due

Thursday 10-5

Work on slideshows
Virus Question entered into test bank.
6th period we will pull juniors, 7th period we will pull sophomores, and 8th we will pull freshmen

Wednesday 10-3

Work on slideshows

Tuesday 10-2

SlideShow Requirements and Research - Two from the video and one from the current list.

Monday 10-1

Viruses - due upon completion
Current List


Friday 9-28

Area of a pyramid midnight Sunday.

Thursday 9-27

Example 0927
areaSquare - due midnight Sunday.
areaRectangle - due midnight Sunday.
areaTrapezoid - due midnight Sunday.

Everyone resubmit this program from yesterday - Prog52a-Mod1 - due midnight tonight.

Wednesday 9-26

5 minute pop quiz

Example0926 - compile time initializations, escape sequences.
Prog52a - due midnight tonight.
Prog52a-Mod1 - due midnight tonight.
Prog54a - Kansas City Grand Prix - due midnight Thursday
Prog54a Modification 1 - Do not start a new project, make changes to Prog54a.

Tuesday 9-25

C++ Tutorial : Structure of a Program
Tutorial Questions due by EOC (End Of Class)
Basics and Output Questions - due by EOC
Prog0925a - Multiple Choice Questions - due Midnight Wednesday.

Monday 9-24

How to setup a project with DEV c++
Output using tab and new line escape sequence.
Example0924 - due upon completion.
Prog 0924a - due midnight tonight.
Prog 0924b - due midnight tonight.


Friday 9-21

Need Top 5 - Murphy
Need Baseball Standings - Murphy

Thursday 9-20


Wednesday 9-19

Current Topics in Technology - 3D Printing : Due at the end of the period.

Tuesday 9-18

Current Topics in Technology - 3D Printing : Due at the end of the period.

Monday 9-17

Open Grading and Lab day.

All due midnight tonight

Top 5 -
Baseball Standings -
My Schedule v1 -


Friday - Substitute

MARK - check your email!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!\
The grades - Everyone should have a login (only one didn't), everyone should have had 2 hunt on the nets OR a program from the day before.
I should get a login and two hunt on nets OR c++ programs from wednesday
Google Master Day 2: Hunt on the Net - hawk/toads

Hunt on the net 3
Hunt on the net 4

Google Master will be added to the Wall of Fame with the Step Master (ham and cheese) and the Master Sandwich Maker (first to make)

Thursday - substitute

Google Master Day 1: Hunt on the Net - hawk/toads
Hunt on the Net 2


c++ compiler and basic program structure - Hello World with required IDOC. Submit when done.
Basics of a c++ program - output and documentation (IDOC)

Hello World with required IDOC and EBC - submit

Top 5
Baseball Standings
My Schedule v1

Tuesday 9-11

boxworld contest for Hawk/Toads - Tie breaker

Monday 9-10

Need two slideshows from - Dren, Hamm, Maka, Mean, Mirz, Murp, Spie

Those not on the list, practice.


Friday 9-7

I will view slideshow of those students who are done with both by attaching the ppt to an email and sending it to larryk - do not share. I want to know you can attach and send.

Close powerpoint before attaching a file.

Must be done by the start of class Monday.

Those that are ready at the START of class MONDAY will get a ticket to boxworld competition for hawk/toads on Tuesday of next week.

Thursday 9-6

IT Career Project

Wednesday 9-5

IT Career Project

Tuesday 9-4

IT Career Project - Instructions in class

Career List


Monday 9-3

No School - Career Week not Shark week!


Friday 8-31

Flowcharting tests part 1 (200 pts) 33 questions randomly selected from the bank of 47 questions.

Odd Stations 1 | Odd Stations 2
Even Stations 1 | Even Stations 2

Flowcharting testing part 2 - Create a flowchart (from thursday) (20 pts)

Thursday 8-30 Open House

1. Print out Backpack flowchart and finish Food and Drink if necessary.
2. Flowchart study guide - take like a test. Submit your score. (submission grade)
3. Create a Flowchart about anything that has the following - Due EOC tomorrow (part of test).

Requirements for flowchart
1. Must have 2 or more decisions.
2. Must have 2 terminals.
3. Must have 2 or more processes.
4. No text over the symbols.
5. Name entered as text.
6. Y and N appropriately placed.
7. Must title the chart and it must be reflective of what it does.
8. Must fit on one sheet of paper.

Wednesday 8-29

Food and Drink Policy - due Thursday EOC
HINT - Do I have visible food before entering the classroom? This determines the door to come in

Tuesday 8-28

PPT - Flowcharting
Reading a Flow Chart
DrawIO and the backpack policy - due EOC

Food Drink Policy - due Wednesday midnight
Tardy Policy - due Wednesday midnight


Enter the room
Has the starting bell rang?
Am I at my workstation when attendance is taken?

Monday 8-27

Making Sandwiches for those who have a paper copy.
Flowcharting PreTesting

odd stations | even stations


Friday 8-24

Making Sandwiches 2

Thursday 8-23

Making Sandwiches 1 -
Ham and Cheese submission 2 - updated version after seeing Items being used.

Wednesday 8-22

Check Grades - anyone want to retake the PNP test?
Ham and Cheese Instructions and Submission 1
Didn't get the slideshow submission (archive) from Ham, Hud, Mir, Mur

Tuesday 8-21

Work on slideshow
Show me the completed slideshow and submit the form.

Monday 8-20

Hawk - Sou
Toad 1 - Mrk
Toad 2 - Daw

Retakes during Enrichment
Computer History Assignment - due Tuesday EOC.


Monday 8-13

Personal Inventory pt 1 due EOC.
Personal Inventory pt 2 due EOC
Food and Drink Policy - Place any food and drink in the appropriate location - due Midnight if not done in class.
Backpack Policy - place backpack at indicated location after reading the policy - due Midnight if not done in class.

Study Guide - Safety

Tuesday 8-14

Slideshow PNP - ppt | pptx
PNP - all due midnight Tomorrow.

Food and Drink
Music Cell phone
Leaving the Room
Late Work/Absence
Academic Honesty
Hawk/Toad Description

Wednesday 8-15

PNP - all due midnight tonight.

Food and Drink
Music Cell phone
Leaving the Room
Late Work/Absence
Academic Honesty
Hawk/Toad Description

Study Guide - Safety

Thursday 8-16

1.Study for Safety Test (everyone except Mrk, Sou) AND Study for PNP
2. Safety Test 1 - Odd Stations | Even Stations (hawk/Toads) May take odd once and even once.
3. PNP Short Test - Odd Stations | Even Stations (hawk/Toads) May take odd once and even once.


Music Cell phone -
Leaving the Room -
Games -
Late Work/Absence -
Academic Honesty -
Logins/Submissions -

Friday 8-17

Check grades to see if you want to take the PNP again.
Study Guides

PNP Study Guide - all questions
Safety Study Guide

PNP Test - ODD Stations| Even Stations

6th Period 11:54 – 12:36
7th Period 12:41 - 1:23
8th Period 1:28 – 2:10
Pep Rally 2:10 – 2:47

Enjoy Life - go to the game!!!!






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