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Complete each statement.


The ______ allocates the computer’s resources to the different tasks that the computer must accomplish.



_________ memory is the memory that is used for keeping a permanent record of information after (and before) the computer is used.



The processor or ____ is the  “brain ” of the computer.



Information in secondary storage is kept in units called ______.



A set of instructions for a computer to follow is called a _________.



The collection of programs used by a computer is referred to as the ________  for that computer.



__________ is a relatively small computer designed to be used by one person at a time.



The kind of language a computer can understand is called a _____-level language.



______-level languages resemble human languages in many ways



A digit that can assume only the values zero or one is called a binary digit or a ______.



A is a set of instructions for a computer to follow.



To avoid confusion, the input program is usually called the ________ code



The program that is being executed is kept in _____  memory



The memory locations in most computers contain eight bits (or some multiple of eight bits). An eight-bit portion of memory is called a _____,



An ______  is anything that allows the computer to communicate information to you.



Main memory is often referred to as _______.



A program that translates a high-level language like C++ to a machine language is called a ______.



An _________ is any device that allows a person to communicate information to the computer.



A ________  consists of a number of computers connected, so they may share resources, such as printers, and may share information.



The actual physical machines that make up a computer installation are referred to as _____.


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