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My Favorites


File names : Favorites-<name below>

Program requirement

Use tabs to line up favorite column.

Use two different methods to create a new line.

Can NOT use my topics, must think of your own.

Must have press any key.

Executable copied to p:\kedigh\itf\favorites











Period 6 Computer Science Foundations (ITF)

Bal Daw Dre Ham Hud Huf Mak Mor Mrk Mur
Nic Sou Spi Zha Zhe Zho
   Not listed

Last Name :

Email :

Select one of the following that describes when and why you are filling out this form:
This assignment is in on time.
This assignment is in on time, being resubmitted due to a failed submission (I have a copy of the original submission).
This assignment is a corrected submission for half the missed credit.
This assignment is one day late and will lose 15%.
This assignment is more than one day late (half credit at best).
This assignment is late because of an EXCUSED absence.
This assignment is being resubmitted at the request of the teacher.

Copy and paste code below


What statement will get "Press any key" to appear in the program?

Where does the statement that produces "Press any key" need to appear in the program?





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