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Beazley Hamby C4
Nutter N. Alexander C4
Anderson Petrusnek A8

Only have of the persentation grade will be given to those who read the slides.

NEW for TODAY - 60 Ppts

1. (20) Printout the slideshow on ONE sheet of paper and SIX slides per page. Hand in BEFORE Leaving. Instructions on printing.

2. (20) Create your notes to use during the presentation by completing this. SHOW ME BEFORE LEAVING

3. (20) Open your presentation and sequence through making sure the video link works. Complete the checklist for the presentation. Hand in BEFORE Leaving.

Not Finished - Do not have the presentation slideshow in the proper place.


Cust, Garl, Grin, John, Sebe, Susa, Wood


Dad, DeMon, Wynn

In case you need something that was deleted, go here   P:\kedigh\Crytek\ecology   I copied everything here before deleting.

Open and do a     File | Save AS    and save it to another location.

Order for tommorrow

3rd -

 Daniels 0.050748
 Harrison 0.113144
 Pyles 0.148454
 Sebert 0.192162
 Hogue 0.268851
 Noorbakhsh 0.317696
 Weatherall 0.360142
 Mabry 0.379265
 Campbell 0.42566
 Persel 0.450902
 Hantel 0.511747
 Featherstone 0.575655
 Pennell 0.584897
 Jennings 0.659032
 Briggs 0.671867
 Cauthen 0.703991
 Custer 0.727858


4th -

 Tidwell 0.031472
 Webb 0.039029
 Garcia 0.072763
 Jennings 0.097934
 Capeling 0.122987
 Thang 0.130329
 LaBreche 0.156052
 Nutter 0.231811
 Yao 0.272358
 Costanza 0.282592
 Porter 0.319057
 Weber 0.394238
 Wynne 0.407982
 Tidwell 0.426603
 Webb 0.45943
 Garcia 0.492257
 Jennings 0.525084
 Capeling 0.55791

We will have a new order each day.