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Ecology Schedule


check- this graphic means it is required and a grade.

question mark - this graphic means it is optional.

arrow - this graphic means something is required for SOME students.

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Hawk pts


Last Week is in the Archive

Mon 19-Feb

No School

Tue 20-Feb

Information on the selection of you species.

Try to select one of the three species you have selected. You will do ONE slideshow over one species.
Those with completed file in P:\kedigh\ecology\3 or P:\kedigh\ecology\4 will have some of the research needed for the slideshow.
You want to do an endangered species, it will be easier to find information.

IF you can't find everything, select another species. You get points only for what you find and complete.

Endangered Species Project Slideshow Requirements I have paper copies of the requirements.

Wed 21-Feb

Endangered Species Project Slideshow Requirements -

Save the finished slideshow in the following folders with YOUR LAST NAME as the file name.

3rd Period : P:\kedigh\ecology\slideshows\3rd Period
4th Period: P:\kedigh\ecology\slideshows\4th Period

Once you have saved in the above folder, come see me for what is next.

Thu 22-Feb

Endangered Species Project DUE. Slideshow name and location requirements for the presentation.


Fri 23-Feb

Open your slideshow and do a Save As and save it in this folder: P:\kedigh\ecology\slideshows\final 6 slide slideshow

After saving, you will delete all slides EXCEPT for slide 1 (title slide), slide 3, slide 6, slide 7, slide 11 AND one slide of your choice. SIX slides total.

Recycling - Optional


Random List of student's order for today

Tue 27-Feb


Wed 28-Feb


Thu 1-Mar


Fri 2-Mar


Tue 6-Mar

Wed 7-Mar

Thu 8-Mar

Fri 9-Mar

CLE 3255.2.3 Summarize how natural selection influences a population over time.

Tue 13-Mar

Wed 14-Mar

Thu 15-Mar

Fri 16-Mar END 3rd

Mon 19-Mar ELECTION Week



CLE 3255.2.1 Cite examples of populations limited by natural factors, humans or both.

Resource 1
Resource 2
Resource 3
Resource 4

ECO.WCE.14: Compare and contrast limiting factors such as: density dependent vs. density independent factors, human influenced vs. nonhuman influenced and biotic vs. abiotic.
ECO.WCE.15: Mathematically model population growth and distribution patterns

CLE 3255.2.3 Summarize how natural selection influences a population over time.

Ch 4

CLE 3255.6.3 & CLE 3255.6.4
Evaluate your personal impact on the environment and choices you can make to lessen your impact on the environment.

CLE 3255.Inq.2 Design and conduct scientific investigations to explore new phenomena, verify previous results, test how well a theory predicts, and compare opposing theories.
CLE 3255.Inq.3 Use appropriate tools and technology to collect precise and accurate data.
CLE 3255.Inq.4 Apply qualitative and quantitative measures to analyze data and draw conclusions that are free of bias.
CLE 3255.Inq.5 Compare experimental evidence and conclusions with those drawn by others about the same testable question.
CLE 3255.Inq.6 Communicate and defend scientific findings.
CLE 3255.6.2 Examine state, national, and international efforts to maintain natural species and ecosystems.
CLE 3255.T/E.1 Explore the impact of technology on social, political, and economic systems.
CLE 3255.T/E.2 Differentiate among elements of the engineering design cycle: design constraints, model building, testing, evaluating, modifying, and retesting.
CLE 3255.T/E.3 Explain the relationship between the properties of a material and the use of the material in the application of a technology.
CLE 3255.T/E.4 Describe the dynamic interplay among science, technology, and engineering within living, earth-space, and physical systems
ECO.WCE.16: Research the local watershed and how wastewater, municipal solid and hazardous waste are handled.
ECO.WCE.17: Research and communicate information on environmental engineering.

Tue 20-Mar

Wed 21-Mar SPEACHES, Ice cream social

Thu 22-Mar VOTING

Fri 23-Mar

Mon 26-Mar Spring Break

Tue 27-Mar Spring Break

Wed 28-Mar Spring Break

Thu 29-Mar Spring Break

Fri 30-Mar Spring Break


Tue 3-Apr

Wed 4-Apr

Thu 5-Apr

Fri 6-Apr

Mon 9-Apr

Tue 10-Apr

Wed 11-Apr

Thu 12-Apr

Fri 13-Apr

Mon 16-Apr EOC Testing POWER MONDAY????

Tue 17-Apr EOC Testing

Wed 18-Apr EOC Testing

Thu 19-Apr EOC Testing

Fri 20-Apr EOC Testing and ACT testing

Mon 23-Apr EOC Testing POWER MONDAY?????

Tue 24-Apr EOC Testing

Wed 25-Apr EOC Testing

Thu 26-Apr EOC Testing

Fri 27-Apr EOC Testing



Tue 1-May


Wed 2-May


Thu 3-May


Fri 4-May


Mon 7-May


Spanish Literature and Culture


Tue 8-May


Spanish Language and Culture

Art History
Physics 1: Algebra-Based

Wed 9-May


English Literature and Composition

Japanese Language and Culture
Physics 2: Algebra-Based

Thu 10-May


United States Government and Politics

Chinese Language and Culture
Environmental Science

Fri 11-May


German Language and Culture
United States History

Computer Science Principles


Mon 14-May


Music Theory

Physics C: Mechanics

Physics C: Electricity and Magnetism


Tue 15-May

Finals 8th and 7th ?

Calculus AB
Calculus BC

French Language and Culture
Computer Science A


Wed 16-May

Finals 6th 4th ?

English Language and Composition

Italian Language and Culture


Thu 17-May 3rd

Finals 3rd and 2nd ?

Comparative Government and Politics
World History



Fri 18-May Last Day Students 1st

Final Exam 1st ?

Human Geography


European History


Mon 21-May ADMIN
Tue 22-May
Wed 23-May
Thu 24-May
Fri 25-May



















Benchmark Review

After break.



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