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Ecology Archive

First Semester Archive


check- this graphic means it is required, follow the link.

question mark - this graphic means it is optional but recommended.

arrow - this graphic means something is required for SOME students.

- Bring your book



Mon 12-Feb POWER MONDAY -CLE 3255.2.3 Summarize how natural selection influences a population over time.

HAWK - Introduce yourself to the substitute.
Complete the following before leaving today. ALL must be completed before leaving today.
Enrichment for those not completing by the end of the period.

1. login (5pts)
2. Section 4-1 Read and identify vocab (8 words) (16pts) - due EOC
3. Your thoughts on Evolution - 5 or more sentences (20pts) - due EOC
4. Section 4-1 EV questions - 16 questions over three days.(48pts) - due EOC You will not see a grade. Submit one time today.
5. endangered and threatened species list - for a future project, select two from this list (2 pages long) (10pts) - due EOC

Tue 13-Feb

Saving Species Video - BBC Planet Earth Series. Questions due by EOC.

Wed 14-Feb

Enrichment - soren, ander
Valentine Special - Tender Times.
9-1 vocab if time permits.

Thu 15-Feb

(30) Open the Endangered and Threatened Species Document saved yesterday. If you didn't do this yesterday, here is copy of the file. This must be completed by EOC. If you get access denied when you try to save it, add a 2 to the end of the file name. EX Threatened-kedigh2.docx
(30) How to claim your species - Open notepad and the file as <genus species name>-<common name>-<lastname> in the appropriate folder.



You will do this for each of your species outside, inside but not in TN, in TN.
You can NOT use the same species twice.
No two people can do the same species in the same folder.
You can NOT use plants.

(9) Section 9-1 vocab - due EOC friday (3 words)
(26)Section 9-1 EV - due EOC friday (13 questions)
(5) Login
Total - 100

Fri 16-Feb

Recycling - ALL





Why we recycle plastic - day 1

Tue 6-Feb

Check grades - submit grade issue, I will address this during the video.

If you didn't submit yesterday, you can do two today but they must be different questions.

Why we recycle plastic - day 2 While watching, do one of the following

10 questions like yesterday or
20 notes from the video.

Wed 7-Feb

Human Footprint video and questions

Thu 8-Feb

Human Footprint video and questions and chili

Fri 9-Feb








LaBreche Wilson B17
Sorensen McLaughlin E1B

Spot recycling - zone 1, 3, 4, and

Zone 1 4th-Dady, Tunnicliffe, Porter
Zone 3 (Degan, Duval, Noorbakhsh : Hintz, LeBreche, Queener)
Zone 4 ( Campbell, Custer : DeMonico, Vaughn, Yao)
Zone 5 (briggs,Coffey, Garlock : Costanza, Raines, Weber)

CLE 3255.2.2 Explain population growth patterns and rates

Video Link
BBC Population Documentary Questions first 25 min - due EOC.

Tue 30-Jan

BBC Population Documentary Questions first 25 min - due EOC.
Chapter 7-2 Vocab - due midnight tonight

Wed 31-Jan

Not sure why the video was viewed yesterday, assuming a tech issue.
Choices for today. Video and questions OR the EV questions over 7-2 to 7-4.
To Do The Video Choice

To get the video going, someone must logon the laptop. The video is here and the questions that go with them is here. The video should be started at the 23 minute mark. If it is volume issue, the volume control is next to the laptop.
If you can not get this started, we will do it tomorrow but for today using books and working with those next to you, answer the following

If the video does NOT work, do the EV questions which are due at the end of class today, midnight for late, and half credit after that. Use you time wisely today.

7-2 EV questions - 10 questions
7-3, 7-4 EV Questions - 20 questions.

Thu 1-Feb

Check grades and makeup work
BBC Population Documentary Questions first 25 min - due EOC.
Video or questions - what wasn't done yesterday.

Fri 2-Feb

HAWK, NESTERS, and LETTERS - You are in charge, help get this going. The form for each group will need printed out.
3rd period - Leave clear notes on what 4th period needs to do.
3rd Period - I need a LETTER to join Zone 4 today.

Zone 1
Zone 2
Zone 3
Zone 4
Zone 5
Zone 6
Zone 7
Zone 8
Zone 9


Check Grades
4th Enrich and VOTING for homecoming!!!!!
Make up and Benchmark (shelton, wynne)day.

3rd - beaz, brig, cust, dega, grin, jenn, john, mash, sebe, shel, wood,
4th - ande, braz, dad, demo, hollo, lebr, nutt, sore, than, webe,

3rd Period - Spot Reporting for Recycling 4th period today. One student assigned to the zone will record which bins in the halls and copy rooms that need recycled.
3rd Period - Recycle ZONE 1
4th Period - May have some bins to recycle in the hallways or copy rooms.

Tue 23-Jan

6-5 PPT
Challenge a Station
Test Questions - due midnight tonight.
Spot recycling in 4th period

Wed 24-Jan

Check Email - #12 should be TRUE
7 minute video over r and K selected species with slideshow questions - due when finished in class today.
This will be returned via email by Lunch today.
Study Guide with answers will be posted at lunch.
Voting - 4th Period

Thu 25-Jan

Check grades and submit grade issues.
Check email for return assignments
10 minutes to study
6-5 Testing

ODD stations - only one version - bad link, wait for instructions
Even stations - only one version - bad link, wait for instructions

Fri 26-Jan

Seating changes based on challenges.

Mon 15-Jan No School
Tue 16-Jan - NO SCHOOL - SNOW
Wed 17-Jan - NO SCHOOL - SNOW
Thu 18-Jan - NO SCHOOL - SNOW
Fri 19-Jan - NO SCHOOL - SNOW

Mon 8-Jan

EV questions for seating.

Tue 9-Jan

checkRead Section 6-5 and complete vocabulary by midnight tonight.

hawkEV questions for seating.

question markSelect the seat you want to challenge if they are different from what you submitted yesterday.

seat # 3rd # 4th
1 1
3 1
4 1
5 1
6 5
7 2
8 1
9 2 1
10 3
13 1
14 1 1
15 1
16 1 2
17 2
19 1
21 2
22 1 3
23 3 1
24 1
15 H 3 2
26 N 2 4
L1 2


Wed 10-Jan

checkBenchmarks in class - 20 questions (may plug in)

CLE 3255.2.2 Explain population growth patterns and rates.

check6-5 Reading Questions - answer as you read. Due midnight tonight. IF YOU DON'T FINISH IN CLASS, save the partial submission and email it to yourself. Finish at home. A submission tomorrow will be late.

Thu 11-Jan

Seating Arrangements
CLE 3255.2.2 Explain population growth patterns and rates.

check6-5 EV questions from text. Due EOC

Homework - Snow Dance at 8:50 and send at 9 PM

Fri 12-Jan - NO SCHOOL - SNOW

Wed 3-Jan PD - No Students

Thu 4-Jan PD - No Students

Fri 5-Jan Recycling ALL

Final Exams and Grades
Random Seating Chart and New Zones









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