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Ecology Human Footprint

Instructions - Read carefully. I will not go over these in class, I will simply start the video.
If you don't like the grade, it can be made up during enrichment/lunch.

This is for a grade, yes an accuracy grade. Read carefully.

This will determine the next hawk and toads. Each toad and the hawk will select their counterpart. Counterparts are Hop-Alongs and the nester.
I will not tell you how it will be determined.
Answer each and every question you can.

You will have 10 Seconds to submit when I tell you to submit. You will NOT be done with the questions.

Talking after being told to submit could disqualify you.
Sharing answers during the video will disqualify you from being hawk, toad, or any counterpart.
Looking at another screen will disqualify you from hawk and toads.

You will not be told when you are disqualified.
If you do not login within the first 5 minutes of class, you will not qualify for the hawk.
After hawk and toads are determined, the rest will be randomly assigned.

If you leave the room for any reason, you will make up twice the time you are gone during enrichment (3rd period) and after class (4th period).


Period 3

Bi Br Cam Cau Co Cu Da
De Fe Ga Gr Han Har Hog Je Jo
Mab Mar Mas No Pen Per Py
Se Sh Su We Wi   Wo   Not listed

Period 4

An As Bea Ber Br Ca Co Da De
Ga Hi Hol Je Kn Ku La Nu
Po Qi Qu Ra So Tha Tho Ti Tu
Va Webb Webe Wy Ya Not listed

Last Name :

Email :

Period 3rd Ecology     4th Ecology    

Select one of the following that describes when and why you are filling out this form:
This assignment is in on time.
This assignment is in on time, being resubmitted due to a failed submission (I have a copy of the original submission).
This assignment is a corrected submission for half the missed credit.
This assignment is one day late and will lose 15%.
This assignment is more than one day late (half credit at best).
This assignment is late because of an EXCUSED absence.
This assignment is being resubmitted at the request of the teacher.


You do not need to enter the units. For example if the answer is 3.7 tons, you only need to enter 3.7.

1. There is just % of the Earth’s land unaffected by humans.

2. Just to make disposable diapers for one baby, how much of the following is used:

Crude Oil



3. How many dairy farms are there in the United States?

Number of cows to supply the milk?

Each of us drink pts. of milk per week.

# of pts. of milk we drink in a lifetime .

4. How many calories do we need each day?

5. # of pounds of beef per person?

6. How much pork do we eat?

7.How many Chicken do we eat?

8. Eggs produced each year?

9. Eggs eaten per year?

10. Eggs eaten in a lifetime?

11. What is our favorite source of Carbohydrates?

12. How many of these do we eat in a lifetime in pounds?

13. America devotes an area the size of to wheat fields.

14. How many loaves of bread do we eat in a lifetime?

15. # of hot dogs we eat in a lifetime? How far would this reach .

16. Each human (in a lifetime) eats enough hamburger to equal the weight of

17. How many pounds of sugar do we consume in a lifetime?

18. # of soda cans produced per second?

19. Soda consumed per lifetime?

20. How many showers does a person take in a lifetime?

21. How many gallons of water does this take (showers)?

22. Americans spend more on beauty than .

23. How much water do we use in a lifetime (excluding showers) .

24. How many miles of sewer lines are there in the United States?

25. How many plastic bottles are thrown away each day?

26. How many cans are tossed each year?

27. Each person sends pounds of waste to a land fill each year.

28. How many pieces of clothing do we buy each year (on average)?

29. How many gallons of water to make one T-Shirt?

30. How much does a man spend on his wardrobe in a lifetime?

31. Every person generates pounds of laundry per year.

32. How many marriages are there each year? What is the Average Cost?

33. We move about times per year?

34. # of trees to build the average house?

35. How much concrete in the average house?

36. pounds of copper pipe in the average house.

37. How many gallons of paint for the average house?

38. # of refrigerators in a lifetime? . # of computers in a lifetime? # of microwave ovens? # of televisions in a lifetime?

39. ½ of our electricity comes from where?

40. The average American creates tons of Carbon Dioxide each year.




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