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Ecology BBC Population


Period 3

Bi Br Cam Cau Co Cu Da
De Fe Ga Gr Han Har Hog Je Jo
Mab Mar Mas No Pen Per Py
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Period 4

An As Bea Ber Br Ca Co Da De
Ga Hi Hol Je Kn Ku La Nu
Po Qi Qu Ra So Tha Tho Ti Tu
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Horizon 2009- How many people can live on planet earth.


Start the video at 23 minutes.

13. What are the world’s richest countries acquiring from the very poorest?

14. Why are the MEDC’s using land in LEDC’s?

15. How many years will it take for Rwanda’s population to double?

16. On average how many children does each family in Rwanda have?

17. How did food shortage contribute to the genocide in Rwanda?

18. How much oil do we use every day?

19. How much will energy demand increase by in the next two decades?

20. What is carrying capacity?

21. The earth’s population would need how many earths to support the world’s population with our current way of life?

22. What are the three ways we could reduce our impact on the earth?

23. What policy was adopted in China in 1979?

24. What did they encourage in the 1970’s in India to reduce the birth rate?

25. How does education help to reduce birth rates?

26. Across the world what fraction of married women don’t have access to contraception?

27. How many has the world’s population increased by during this program?



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