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Standard Classes


void srand (unsigned int seed);
Initialize random number generator. The pseudo-random number generator is initialized using the argument passed as seed.


int rand (void);
Generate random number. Returns a pseudo-random integral number in the range between 0 and RAND_MAX.





Program a game on Tynker

Choose any “game” activity for grades 6+ (code monsters, dragon dash, canon game)

Program a game on Codesters

Choose either Flappy Bike or Basketball (scroll right to get to these)

Program a game on Touch Develop

Choose either Turtle, Falling Rocks, or Bubble Popper

Build a Creation on Build with Chrome

Complete the Challenges

Build an iPhone app in your browser

Make Pong

Build an Android app in your browser

 Choose from the 4 : Text-to-Speech, Ball Bounce Game, Shake or Digital Doodle



Safety Slideshows

Bloodborne Pathogens
Electrical Safety
Emergency Action Plans
Introduction to OSHA
Personal Protective Equipment (PPE)
Preventing Falls





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