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ITF Schedule


check- this graphic means it is required, follow the link.

question mark - this graphic means it is optional but recommended.

arrow - this graphic means something is required for SOME students.






Mon 19-Feb

No School

Tue 20-Feb

Submit programs from Thursday and Friday

0215-distance - DUE Start of class
0216-58b-<init> - Due Start if class

LocoRobo Programming

LocoRobo Groups - They will not change and new seating today based on groups. Hawk and toads may keep their location if they choose. Starts tomorrow

 Drahman 1 0.001513395
 Baugh 2 0.038148405
 Smartt 3 0.068489393
 Hauter 4 0.077992853
 Kennedy 5 0.127998791
 Custer 6 0.228757991
 Aceveda 11 0.258704572
 Heuer 12 0.326560764
 Luken 15 0.376734565
 Fuller 16 0.431728494
 Hajizadeh 7 0.448161132
 Brown 8 0.497780863
 Hooper 17 0.617853617
 Barbarite 18 0.672462186
 Cherney h 0.765100182
 Abu-Salim n 0.819782794
 Phillips T 20 0.829128104
 Swaminathan 19 0.868877254


Resource link


Wed 21-Feb

Software installation


Thu 22-Feb

Do Not change the name of the robots. All names are "robo" and the number associated with it.

Lesson 1 - due EOC

Fri 23-Feb


Create a 10 second light show.


Finish the light show

Tue 27-Feb

Wed 28-Feb

Thu 1-Mar

Fri 2-Mar


Tue 6-Mar

Wed 7-Mar

Thu 8-Mar

Fri 9-Mar


Tue 13-Mar

Wed 14-Mar

Thu 15-Mar

Fri 16-Mar END 3rd

Mon 19-Mar

Tue 20-Mar

Wed 21-Mar

Thu 22-Mar

Fri 23-Mar

Mon 26-Mar Spring Break

Tue 27-Mar Spring Break

Wed 28-Mar Spring Break

Thu 29-Mar Spring Break

Fri 30-Mar Spring Break


Tue 3-Apr

Wed 4-Apr

Thu 5-Apr

Fri 6-Apr

Mon 9-Apr

Tue 10-Apr

Wed 11-Apr

Thu 12-Apr

Fri 13-Apr

Mon 16-Apr EOC Testing POWER MONDAY????

Tue 17-Apr EOC Testing

Wed 18-Apr EOC Testing

Thu 19-Apr EOC Testing

Fri 20-Apr EOC Testing and ACT testing

Mon 23-Apr EOC Testing POWER MONDAY?????

Tue 24-Apr EOC Testing

Wed 25-Apr EOC Testing

Thu 26-Apr EOC Testing

Fri 27-Apr EOC Testing

Mon 30-Apr


Tue 1-May


Wed 2-May


Thu 3-May


Fri 4-May


Mon 7-May


Spanish Literature and Culture


Tue 8-May


Spanish Language and Culture

Art History
Physics 1: Algebra-Based

Wed 9-May


English Literature and Composition

Japanese Language and Culture
Physics 2: Algebra-Based

Thu 10-May


United States Government and Politics

Chinese Language and Culture
Environmental Science

Fri 11-May


German Language and Culture
United States History

Computer Science Principles


Mon 14-May


Music Theory

Physics C: Mechanics

Physics C: Electricity and Magnetism


Tue 15-May

Finals 8th and 7th ?

Calculus AB
Calculus BC

French Language and Culture
Computer Science A


Wed 16-May

Finals 6th 4th ?

English Language and Composition

Italian Language and Culture


Thu 17-May 3rd

Finals 3rd and 2nd ?

Comparative Government and Politics
World History



Fri 18-May Last Day Students 1st

Final Exam 1st ?

Human Geography

European History

Mon 21-May ADMIN
Tue 22-May
Wed 23-May
Thu 24-May
Fri 25-May














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