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Policies and Procedures 

Updated : Friday, July 3, 2020 2:31 PM

Backpack Procedure

Exempt Students : Hawk, Nester, Toad 1, Toad 2

Policy Description

Backpacks will not be placed at the computer workstation. Backpacks will be placed in the following locations based on where the student is setting.

1st and 2nd row : Backpacks will be placed against the front wall to the left of the screen (Location A).

3rd and 4th row : Backpacks will be placed in the front of the room to the right of the screen. ( Location B).

5th row: Backpacks are put on the wall below the window. (Location C).

Hawk, nester, and both toads may place keep their backpacks at their station.

Consequences per semester

1st violation - Write name on board and erase it that day or the next. this can be done before school, after school, or during lunch.

2nd and 3rd violation- The student will write their name on the board. When the name is removed from the board will depend upon the period the student is in. The only person who can erase the name is the student who has their name on the board.

Period 3 students - erase the name off the board during enrichment.
Period 4 students - Erase after class and stay 5 minutes.
Periods 6 and 7 students - The name can be erased after school or during enrichment the next day they are in school.
Period 8 students - The student can stay 5 minutes or erase the name during enrichment the next day they are in school.

4th violation and above -The violator will attend Enrichment the next day or first available day.

Failure to attend an Enrichment - two Enrichments are assigned. Failure to attend both Enrichments will become an administrative matter with the recommendation of a 1 hour detention with me. The administrator my choose to follow my recommendation or choose their own consequence.


Daily Sequence

1. Enter and follow the food and drink policy.
2. Place backpacks in correct location depending upon where you sit.
3. Log on the workstation.
4. Log on and save the receipt. If you get a server error, save the error as the date.
5. Go to the schedule. There may be special instructions.
6. This is when you can leave your station to visit with another student.
7. At the bell, immediately head to your station. Failure could be a classroom tardy.



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