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Index Chapter 3

All programming languages have specific statements that allow you to perform basic operations. These statements accomplish all programmed activity, including our interaction with objects and the definition of the services those objects provide. This chapter examines several of these programming statements as well as some additional operators. It begins by exploring the basic activities that a programmer goes through when developing software. These activities form the cornerstone of high-quality software development and represent the first step toward a disciplined development process. Finally, we use the statements we examine in this chapter to augment our ability to produce graphical output.

chapter objectives

◗ Discuss basic program development activities.
◗ Define the flow of control through a program.
◗ Perform decision making using if and switch statements.
◗ Define expressions that let us make complex decisions.
◗ Perform statements repetitively using while, do, and for statements.
◗ Draw with the aid of conditionals and loops.

Chapter 3 pdf


Source Code

3.0 program development

3.1 and 3.2 control flow and the if statement

3.2 the if statement

3.3 the switch statement

3.4 boolean expressions revisited

3.5 more operators

3.6 the while statement

3.7 the do statement

3.8 the for statement

3.9 program development revisited




3.10 drawing using conditionals and loops








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