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No students


















Scavenger Challenge Build



Scavenger Challenge Build




Scavenger Rules

1. You must bring your catch behind the line.
2. Can eat road kill.
3. Must work the remote from behind the line, not in the playing field.
4. Hunt starts at 1:30 at my door. You will race into the lobby to the goodies.
5. Can pick up bot in the playing field and restart behind the line.



No school



1. Pick up inventory and reinventory, add missing and place extras in parts kits.

Remove rechargeable battery from the brick
Put your charger in the kit
Put the build manual in the kit.

2. Turn in inventory and Kit to me when done. May not get done today.

3. EVERYONE must fill this out the last 5 minutes of class today even if you are not finished.






Battle bot build - Create you own or search EV3 battle bot planss and add you modifications.

Submit Grade Issues



I am on the waiting list for Vaccine - My phone will ring and make sounds

Lobby is closed for registration today and the rest of the week. We can use restrooms.

Your grade today is completing this form - due at the start of class. Everyone will fill it out.

Battle bot build - Create you own or search EV3 battle bot planss and add you modifications.











Practice - write best times on board.


Rules Changed

1. Times not involved - eliminates problems.
2. Two adjacent tracks will be used, one for each team.
3. The first team to cross the finish line will win and advance.
4. Two different matches will play at the same time.
5. The winner must cross over the finish line - one or both tires over 16 inches of tape. Direction over the finish lines does not matter (can back over if they miss going forward).
6. For a valid start, both bots must be connected and move when started.
7. Teams of two students must alternate control of the remote between matches.
8. Cannot touch the bot once started.
9. You may remeasure the distance between front legs of the chairs - should be 10 feet.




Midday Announcements January 26, 2021

• In BHS Sports, the basketball teams will play at Spring Hill tonight and the Wrestling Regional Duals will take place here at home. Go Bruins!

• Your Bruins hockey team advances in the playoffs having defeated Centennial last night, 5-1. Nathan Zonarich led the team in points with assists on four of the five goals! Your Bruins play again Wednesday night when they face Nolensville Ensworth at Ford Ice, Antioch.

• Are you interested in singing with a group? Sign up for choir when registering for classes. Any experience and interest is welcome! For questions, ask any member of choir or Mrs. Pratt in room D-3. All are welcome!

• BHS Girls Tennis Tryouts will be today, Tuesday, 1/26 from 3:15-4:45pm. Contact Coach Bud or Coach Stoever with questions.

• Attention all underclassmen. On the following dates you will report to BPAC during your study hall for a question and answer session on course registration for next year:

• Class of 2023-Tuesday Jan 26

• Class of 2024-Wednesday Jan 27

• Class of 2022-Thursday Jan 28 If you do not have a study hall, please come during Enrichment on the specific day for your class.

• If you are interested in participating with Youth Legislature 2021, please see Ms. Wade in Room A-7 to register and find out the dates of the conference. This year's conference will be virtual.

• NHS is sponsoring a Blood Drive on Thursday, February 18th. Please sign up to donate in Student Services or with your English teacher. You must be 17 years of age and be in good health. If you are 16 years old and want to donate you must have a completed parental form. Please obtain the forms from the school nurse in the front office. Return the form to the school nurse signed by a parent or guardian. Everyone donating must have a picture ID to donate. Sign up as soon as possible.


What is next - Battlebots on a rectangle

Find an opponent and complete a race.



Battle bot build - Create you own or search EV3 battle bot planss and add you modifications.








No School



Finish Inventory and begin the first build.

(10) Charge the brick over night - in class or at home.
(30) Hand in inventory.
(5) Clean up - No parts left out on tables or floors.



Need Inventory from alk, bah, kaz, kha, lee, wad, weh

(5) Put a number on your brick - see me for the label.
(5) Clean up - No parts left out on tables or floors.
(15) Delete all programs EXCEPT for the DEMO program. Show me after deleting.
How to delete programs


Build - Rebuild for timed racing

(10) Download remote control APP and demonstrate to me.
Turn in one time today or tomorrow.
How to download the remote control app


Work Time

Submit your team name - due at the start of class. Only one student will need to submit.

Practice - Write time on board in my room if it is lower.






Snow day


Tue-Jan-12 Claim your stations tomorrow

Late Start Schedule

1st 8:40 AM – 9:17 AM
2nd 9:24 AM – 10:01 AM
Break 10:01 AM – 10:11 AM
3rd 10:11 AM – 10:48 AM
4th 10:55 AM – 11:32 AM
5th 11:39 AM – 12:34 PM
Enrichment Ends 12:09 PM
6th 12:41 PM – 1:20 PM
7th 1:27 PM – 2:04 PM
8th 2:11 PM – 2:47 PM

EV3 Procedures - remote control activities until lab is connected.
EV3 Kit Inventory Procedures, Clean up, and Grading.
(10) Complete this when instructed.




Claim your stations today - First ones in, claims their stations.

Handout kits and inventory parts

1. slideshow

2. Pick up Kit and Inventory

3. Rules

1. You can only use parts from you kit.
2. You can't have more parts than what is on the inventory
3. Do not get into another groups kit unless you have permission from the group members.

(10) Post-it Notes on lid and box with ALL last names.
(10) Placement of Kits at the end of class.
(5) Clean up 4 and 2 - No parts left out on tables or floors. Someone from each group will report to me when you determine it is clean - no report, no grade. Clean up starts with 5 minutes left in class.




Handout kits and inventory parts

(10) Submit this form in the first 10 minutes of class.
(10) Work on inventory
(10) Placement of Kits at the end of class.
(5) Clean up 1 and 5 - No parts left out on tables or floors. Someone from each group will report to me when you determine it is clean - no report, no grade. Clean up starts with 5 minutes left in class.




Login today and clean your room!





Admin day


Click “Courses” in Schoology
Then on that page click “My Courses” in the top right side
There will then be a list of ALL courses and the Spring Course they are looking for should be there


First day students - Zoom meeting

Chapter 4 Writing Classes

Objects Revisited - due EOC
Anatomy of a Class - due midnight tonight



Zoom meeting

When selecting a backup compiler, you want one that saves your code. If you select on that does not, you will have to copy the code to a document that you save.

Online Java Compilers

1. Codiva

2. JDoodle

3. Rextester

4. OnlineGDB
5. Browxy
6. IDEOne
7. CodeChef
8. JavaOnlineCompiler





Zoom meeting

Missing from Anatomy of a Class

Need Coin class submission: Alk, Bai, Ell, Hul, Kha, Kum, Mea, Moy, Sei, Wig
Need FlipRace class submission: Alk, Bai, Cas, Cor, Ell, Hul, Kha, Kum, Mea, Moy, Sei, Wig
Need Video submission: Cas, Cor, Ell, Hul, Kha, Kum, Mea, Ply, Rey, Sei, Weh, Wig

Using - setup an account, email yourself the login and password.



Zoom meeting


Classroom Demo Program - Point Class

Instance data, constructors, accessors, helpers, and mutators.

Point Class - Submit when instructed












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