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Coding I Schedule

Last week is in the Archive.

Fri 9-Aug

1/2 day

Seating Chart



Mon 12-Aug

Seating Chart

Computer Logins

PI - (Paper) due EOC - 20 pts

Homework: Digital version - PI from Home - 10 pts Must be completed outside of school.


Tue 13-Aug - Introduction and login.

Due midnight tonight. You may view the policy while answering the questions.

Hawk and Toads - 26 pts.
Login and Submission Policy
- 19 pts
Food and Drink - 18 pts

Wed 14-Aug

Due midnight Thursday

Grade Issues

Tardy Policy - 14 pts
- 18 pts
Late Work Absence - 14 pts
Game Policy - 18 pts
Academic Honesty - 12 pts
Music and Cellphone - 16 pts
Leaving the Room - 10 pts



Thu 15-Aug

Grades updated

Finish or improve PNP

Grade Issue



Study Guide


Fri 16-Aug

Do the following:

1. Remember to login.
2. PNP Study Guides - go over each study guide.

food drink
cell music
Leave room
late work
logins submissions

3. Try some practice exams.

Sample PNP Exam
Sample Safety Exam

4. When you are finished studying and taking practice exams, you may enjoy LIFE!



Mon 19-Aug

PNP Test

Odd Stations | Even Stations

Safety Test

Odd Stations | Even Stations


Tue 20-Aug

Safety Test


Wed 21-Aug

Last day for Safety Test during class


Thu 22-Aug




Game Details: Brentwood H/S, Gym 2
Fri 23-Aug




Montgomery Bell Academy (Nashville, TN)


Mon 26-Aug



Tue 27-Aug



Wed 28-Aug




Location: Brentwood High School
Thu 29-Aug



Fri 30-Aug





Mon 2-Sep

No School


Tue 3-Sep




Game Details: Brentwood H/S, Gym
Wed 4-Sep



Thu 5-Sep



Fri 6-Sep




Dickson County (Dickson, TN)



Mon 9-Sep



Tue 10-Sep



Wed 11-Sep



Thu 12-Sep




Game Details: Brentwood H/S, Gym
Fri 13-Sep





Mon 16-Sep



Tue 17-Sep




Location: Brentwood High School
Wed 18-Sep



Thu 19-Sep



Fri 20-Sep




Ravenwood (Brentwood, TN)



Mon 23-Sep



Tue 24-Sep



Wed 25-Sep




Game Details: Brentwood H/S, Gym
Thu 26-Sep




Game Details: Brentwood H/S, Gym
Fri 27-Sep




Christ Presbyterian Academy (Nashville, TN)



Mon 30-Sep



Tue 1-Oct




Game Details: Brentwood H/S, Gym 2
Wed 2-Oct



Thu 3-Oct



Fri 4-Oct





Mon 7-Oct



Tue 8-Oct



Wed 9-Oct

End first 9


Thu 10-Oct

No School


Fri 11-Oct

No School




Mon 14-Oct



Tue 15-Oct



Wed 16-Oct



Thu 17-Oct



Fri 18-Oct



Mon 21-Oct



Tue 22-Oct



Wed 23-Oct



Thu 24-Oct



Fri 25-Oct




Knoxville Catholic (Knoxville, TN)



Mon 28-Oct



Tue 29-Oct



Wed 30-Oct



Thu 31-Oct



Fri 1-Nov





Mon 4-Nov



Tue 5-Nov



Wed 6-Nov



Thu 7-Nov



Fri 8-Nov





Mon 11-Nov



Tue 12-Nov



Wed 13-Nov



Thu 14-Nov



Fri 15-Nov





Mon 18-Nov



Tue 19-Nov



Wed 20-Nov



Thu 21-Nov



Fri 22-Nov





Mon 25-Nov

No School


Tue 26-Nov

No School


Wed 27-Nov

No School


Thu 28-Nov

No School


Fri 29-Nov

No School




Mon 2-Dec



Tue 3-Dec



Wed 4-Dec



Thu 5-Dec



Fri 6-Dec



Mon 9-Dec



Tue 10-Dec



Wed 11-Dec



Thu 12-Dec



Fri 13-Dec

1st 2nd final exam




Mon 16-Dec

4th and 3rd final exam


Tue 17-Dec

7th and 6th final exam


Wed 18-Dec

8th final exam


Thu 19-Dec

1/2 day


Fri 20-Dec















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