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APP Schedule


Mon 21-Oct

Power Monday

Lesson 13: HTTP and Abstraction on the Internet

Video on lesson 13

developer tools

HTTP in Action

HTTP and Abstraction on the Internet - information

Finish everything through Lesson 13

Chapter 2 Assessment questions - submit 1 time. Can work together.


Tue 22-Oct

College T-shirt Day

Test Study Guides

Study Guide 1
Study Guide 2
Study Guide 3 with any remaining time in class.

VB 12:30

Wed 23-Oct


Chapter 2 test - Those at the VB game will take this tomorrow (Thursday) during enrichment or 1st, 3rd, 7th periods.

Odd Stations ver 1 | ver 2
Even Stations ver 1 | ver 2



Thu 24-Oct

Lesson 1: Bytes and File Sizes



Fri 25-Oct

Lesson 2: Text Compression



Knoxville Catholic (Knoxville, TN)



Mon 28-Oct

Power Monday



Tue 29-Oct

Lesson 3: Encoding B&W Images


Wed 30-Oct

College T-shirt Day

Lesson 4: Encoding Color Images


Thu 31-Oct

Lesson 5: Lossy vs Lossless Compression


Fri 1-Nov

Lesson 6: Rapid Research - Format Showdown




Mon 4-Nov

Study Guides


Tue 5-Nov



Wed 6-Nov

Substitute - surgery


Thu 7-Nov



Fri 8-Nov





Mon 11-Nov

Power Monday



Tue 12-Nov

Parent/Teacher Conferences


Wed 13-Nov



Thu 14-Nov



Fri 15-Nov





Mon 18-Nov

Power Monday



Tue 19-Nov



Wed 20-Nov



Thu 21-Nov



Fri 22-Nov





Mon 25-Nov

No School


Tue 26-Nov

No School


Wed 27-Nov

No School


Thu 28-Nov

No School


Fri 29-Nov

No School




Mon 2-Dec

Power Monday



Tue 3-Dec



Wed 4-Dec



Thu 5-Dec



Fri 6-Dec



Mon 9-Dec



Tue 10-Dec



Wed 11-Dec



Thu 12-Dec



Fri 13-Dec

1st 2nd final exam




Mon 16-Dec

4th and 3rd final exam


Tue 17-Dec

7th and 6th final exam


Wed 18-Dec

8th final exam


Thu 19-Dec

1/2 day


Fri 20-Dec




















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